im not on here much /:
ima start posting pictures of 5sos c:

im not on here much /:
ima start posting pictures of 5sos c:

in class rn ._.
im really bored


I woke up this morning to see this on twitter… I am so disgusted in this fam right now. Why the hell would you start a trend like that? I don’t know what actually happened, I just know that some stuff happened to Ashton, but what gives people permission to do this.
When I saw this on twitter, I’m not going to lie, a few tears fell from my eyes. And why? Because Ashton DOESN’T deserve this at all. He is the sweetest, most caring human being ever. He cares about his fans so much!
I know its just a low life behind a screen but WORDS do affect someone! And as much as it keeps going on it will get the better of someone.
I hope I meet whoever started this because I have a few words to say to that person and I’m not the only one.
I liked this fam when nothing like this happened and now I really don’t like it.
I swear to god if anything happened to Ash then this won’t be my only rant, he won’t only get a few tweets from me and I will do everything I can to sort this disgusting person out.
Ashton doesn’t deserve this and if any of my followers are sending hate to him then please unfollow me.
If you’re hating Ashton, or any of the other guys, you’re a fake. You don’t actually care about them, so leave.
We love you Ashton Irwin, thank you for saving us.

#KeepSmilingAshtonWeLoveYou #StayStrongAshton


I saw everything today with the whole Ashton thing and I was completely confused. so I felt like I needed to make this video. even if he’s a celebrity and you think he won’t care about this kind of stuff. it still fucking hurts him. and it hurts a lot. the part of the fandom that thought this was a joke…. I don’t even wanna rant about it. I just want this video to be shared around and be a message that just because he’s a celebrity. doesn’t mean he’s not human too.



Remember when Mikey said this in an interview »
“I don’t think anyone wants to date us anyway. Girls don’t really like us.”
Well, I’m gonna try to meet them on their #There’sNoPlaceLikeHomeTour and I wanna prove to him that people would date/like him :)

- Giorgina
p.s if you have any derpy or cute photos of Michael then post them when you reblog! xo


everyone in the 5SOS fam is so self conscious and everyone thinks that they are so ugly but for every person reading this you are beautiful not only in your looks but the taste of your music as well.

And I love you

  • Me: oh thats cute
  • *checks price tag*
  • Me: no its not


Having a bad day??

Here! Have a Pattypus! 



Myself & Veeoneeye got our camel on and got shouted at and chased by every person in the country for being ‘lady boys’.

Rebloggers are loved <3